Our Story

"So there I was!" The year was 2005 and the place was Lake Charles Louisiana.  I had a one way ticket to Cancun and onto the Island of Isla Mujeres where I helped captain a 70' Hatteras across the Gulf of Mexico in the Calcasieu Ship Channel.  That adventure is by far at the top of my list.  It was from that experience that Carpe Diem Fishing Apparel was created.  What better way to "Seize the Day" than out on the deep blue sea.

Carpe Diem Fishing apparel takes a different approach to performance gear.  Let's face it, there are some radical logos, styles and color selections available on the market today.  We want to bring back the class and elegance to what offshore fishing has always has been.  We know that our approach will not please everyone and guess what?!? We're not trying to please everyone.  If your style is radical and screams "Hey look at me!" then by all means flaunt it.  But, if you are more down to earth and don't have the urge to look like a hot mess then you have docked at the right place.

Now, on to the apparel.  Proudly Made in the USA!

We sought out to bring the market something completely different form the norm. What's the norm you ask?  Easy, the norm is what everyone else offers which is just your average 100% polyester shirt with a dramatic design that catches your attention to buy without regard to the fabric.  Below we explain the details of what sets our apparel apart from the norm.

Our Blue Marlin Performance. Made in the USA!  Is a 5 ounce material comprised of Nylon/Spandex delivering an incomparable performance.  Yes, Nylon!  What else is made from nylon?  I'm sure you've heard of nylon rope.  Nylon is one of the strongest material that can be produced to make apparel.  Features include UPF 30 rating, side vented camo, moisture wicking, antimicrobial odor resistant, incomparable breathability, tag less label.

Our Classic Performance, Made in the USA!  Is a 4.6 material comprised of heather-ed Polyester/Spandex delivering an incomparable performance in its class.  The spandex adds a needed stretchy feel not to restrict body movement.  Features include UPF 30 rating, moisture wicking, antimicrobial odor resistant, incomparable breathability, tag less label.

So, take a good look in the mirror the next time you decided to invest you're hard earned money into performance apparel and choose a brand that delivers performance at the highest level and Made in the USA!!!

Thank You